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Meet the Team

Jenna Cohn

Manager, Love My Doggy Walker

Jenna Cohn joined us as a dog handler at Love My Doggy Day Care in 2017, and quickly became a valuable and respected member of the team. We are pleased to be expanding her role as she takes on the day-to-day management of Love My Doggy Walker. Jenna will exemplify our promise of being Your Best Friend’s Trusted Best Friend, bringing her compassion, love, and loyalty to your dog’s daily care routine.

Jenna recently graduated from University of Central Florida, with a degree in Human Communications. She is a talented singer, a lover of reptiles (pretty sure this is why Jenna went to Florida!), and active member of the local pet rescue and adoption community. Jenna’s passion for rescuing pets was ignited in first grade, when she reunited a dog and its owner after the pup got scared and lost during 4th of July fireworks.

Jenna never lost that passion, and all throughout high school until she left for college, Jenna volunteered for the Philadelphia-based rescue and adoption organization, Saved Me, spending time walking and playing with the dogs and cats, and helping with fundraising. She continued this great work in Florida, with Journey’s End, an animal hospice, and Cats Can, a Trap/Neuter/Release organization. It was through her efforts with Cats Can that Jenna ended up adopting her beloved Mickey, pictured above, along with her main squeeze, Mocha, a rescued chow mix. 

If Jenna could have lunch with any celebrity, she would pick Bindy Irwin (Steve Irwin’s daughter), because she is fascinated by her work with the Australia zoo. 

Please just call or email us to reach out to Jenna with any of your Love My Doggy Walker needs!

Bryl Villanueva

General Manager, Director of Operations

In this role, Bryl manages the operations across Love My Doggy Day Care and Love My Doggy Walker, and is instrumental in the day-to-day leadership across all the services offered by the two companies. Bryl has had his hands in a variety of small businesses over the years, and has a proven ability to wear any hat necessary. Bryl was one of the early members of the Petplan Pet Insurance team, where he was the lead contact for clients, vendors, and strategic partners, and was responsible for the hiring and training of both the sales representatives and the customer service team. Bryl also developed the Petplan.com doctrine for providing customer service. As an experienced manager, a client service professional, and someone with a passion for start-ups and animals, Bryl is the guy you will see pitching in all over the business, from driving the Love Bus, to walking your dog, to building a new bench for outdoor play! 

Bryl has never met a rescue dog he didn’t want to give a better life to, like his pitbull Buckaroo, pictured here. If Bryl could have lunch with any celebrity, he would pick Jonny “Bones” Jones, because he is the best at what he does.

Lisa Flaiz


Lisa opened Love My Doggy Day Care in late 2015, with a love of animals at the core of her purpose. She is proud to now be introducing Love My Doggy Walker to support pet parents even more. Lisa believes in forging genuine relationships with her clients, and has spent the last several years cultivating a stellar reputation and establishing trust among the community in her business, her team, and her business philosophy. Love My Doggy Walker will be no different – she will continue to leverage her passion for the welfare of animals and her twenty-five years of professional experience to build Love My Doggy Walker into a community favorite. 

Lisa invites you to reach out to her at any time! She can be reached through the contact info, and can answer you personally. Lisa’s pet family members include 3 rescue dogs and 2 cats. It takes all her self-control to stop there! If Lisa could have lunch with any celebrity, it would be Michelle Obama, because she just seems like someone who “keeps it real”, and Lisa likes to surround herself with authenticity, and people from whom she can learn.