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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

Get Started

We can’t wait to meet you and your pet! We have established the following policies to ensure your pet has the best experience possible.

Initial Visit

We appreciate the opportunity to do an initial meet & greet with you and your pup. This usually lasts about 30 minutes, and allows both us and your pup to spend some time familiarizing ourselves with each other. You’ll get to show us around to whatever is relevant for our visit, ask us any questions, and we’ll make sure we clarify all instructions about how you want your pet or your home taken care of. We will also go over our policy and our paperwork with you at this time. Please Request a Service or Contact Us to get the ball rolling on scheduling an Initial Visit! 

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather ranging from thunderstorms, to blizzards, to heat advisories or other weather warnings, the Love My Doggy Walker employee will do their best to proactively communicate any schedule disruptions to your doggy’s walk, but can not be held responsible for unsafe passage of roads or unsafe conditions for your pup. As a pet professional, we will use our best judgement as to what is safe and healthy for your pup, including minimizing risk of heat stroke, thunder anxiety, or other potential pet hazards. Shorter walks due to heat or other weather conditions will still be billed as the time booked.

Lockbox/Key Policy

We prefer not to hold keys; we ask our clients to maintain a lockbox, which we can provide for $20. Alternatively, you can provide a garage door code, but please note it is the client’s responsibility to provide an alternative solution in the event of a battery/power outage or other malfunction.


We require 2 business-days’ notice for reservation requests (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not business days). We require reservations in advance, but will do our best to accommodate according to availability for last-minute (day before or same-day) requests. There will be an additional $15 fee for last-minute requests to account for the management of additional scheduling, if we are able to accommodate.

Weekly programs are available for standing reservations.

Payment Terms

Clients will be invoiced electronically at the time of booking. Clients on weekly programs will be electronically invoiced on Fridays. Subsequent weeks’ reservations cannot be confirmed if there is an outstanding balance. Cash or checks should not be left for the dog walker/pet sitter.  


Cancellations must be made with at least 1 business day’s notice to avoid a cancellation fee or forfeit of pre-payment. Please note cancellations for Mondays need to be received no later than during business hours on Friday.

Emergency Procedures

You will be asked to fill out a form to provide us with instructions for how to manage an emergency with your pet. The form will authorize us to seek medical care/treatment for your pet if necessary, and acknowledge that any charges associated with this treatment is your responsibility.

Leash-walking Manners

All Love My Doggy Walker doggy clients must be leash-trained, and able to be physically handled for the purposes of properly harnessing and/or leashing. Love My Doggy Walker is not responsible for training our doggy clients how to walk on a leash, but we are happy to reinforce the skills you have already established in our everyday routines. If your dog does not allow us to handle them, or exhibits excessively poor leash skills, we are also happy to recommend a trainer before initiating a walking schedule.


We do not offer walks on major (Federal) holidays at this time. Please feel free to check with us for any change in policy.